Friday, July 31, 2009

Flowers in the Fog...Madaket Beach

'Wild and Free' 10x8 pastel
These flowers were growing in front of a house near Madaket Beach, Nantucket. They were so beautiful but as the fog rolled in the colors became even more brilliant against the fog. I have a similar idea for a painting that will include the house and I want to do it Large!

A Nantucket Tale

I grew up listening to my father's tales of Nantucket mermaids. His father, Charles Taylor, was born and raised on the island and used to tell his children about the mermaids who would chase him down the beaches. These Nantucket tales fascinated me and so two years ago I embarked on a journey to rediscover my Nantucket roots. What a journey it has been! I discovered that the Taylor family traces it's roots back to one of the founding families of Nantucket and to Richard 'The Rock' Taylor of Yarmouth and to Thomas Rogers the Mayflower pilgrim! But perhaps the best discovery of all was of my Nantucket cousin. He was born and raised and still lives on the island. I have been fortunate to visit him and his family the past two summers. It has been wonderful to rediscover the island and capture it's beauty in my paintings. It is clear to me that I have sand in my shoes!

Summer at Sanford Farm, Nantucket

'Summer at Sanford Farm' 8x10 pastel
Another wonderful Nantucket discovery...Sanford Farm. It is an old farm preserved by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and is now open to the public. It is laced with trails and we had a very enjoyable afternoon discovering the quiet beauty of these fields.

Beach Roses

'The Sweet Scent of Summer' 8x10 pastel
I can smell the sweet scent of the Nantucket Beach roses mixed with the fresh salty air. The dunes around the island were covered in blooms adding color to the soft greens of the grasses. I was anxious to paint them but the roses gave me fits! had the right colors...a bright pink from my new Richeson set, but I didn't like my arrangment of flowers. I brushed them out at least three times and had to finally take out some fixative. But in the end I feel like I captured the day I wandered around the dunes of Jetties Beach.

Madaket Daisies

' A New Day' 11x14 pastel
It was just about the end of the blooming time for these daisies but there were still a few flowers hanging on to greet the morning. I was in heaven that morning shooting photos of the wildflowers as the fog rolled in. This is at Madaket Beach on Nantucket. Can you tell I was loving the fog??

At the Ferry Dock

'Blue Skies Ahead' 8x10 pastel
I shouldn't admit this but I found these Queen Anne's Lace growing free and wild next to a dumpster! It was in Hyannis at the ferry dock. As we waited for the ferry to arrive I scouted the area for photo ops. I saw this great little patch of wildflowers blowing in the sea breeze. You just never know where you might find beauty!

Wildflower Walk Tupancy Links

'Wildflower Walk' 8x10 pastel
There is a place on Nantucket called Tupancy Links. It was a golf course and now is a great place to walk and find wildflowers like these! This has been the week for wildflowers! Both galleries I am in sold paintings and one is working with a client who wants several so I had to bring more over today. I love to paint them so it is a pleasure!
Next Saturday August 1st I will be doing a demo at High Country Art Gallery in Blue Ridge Georgia. I'll be there starting at noon. Come by to say hello if you are in the area and stay for Marsha Savage's opening of her show "It's the Journey" at the old courthouse in Blue Ridge. The opening reception is from 4-6. It will be a great day of art!

Fog over the Marsh

'Fog Over the Marsh' 8x10 pastel
Today's painting is another Nantucket Island scene. I really took advantage of our 2 hours of fog! This marsh is on the way to Madaket. My cousin tells me that fog is born at Madaket and it sure did seem that way. Everywhere else seemed clear until we got to Madaket and we just watched the fog roll in at Madaket Beach. I love to paint moody scenes!

Nantucket Meadow

'At Bartlett's Farm' 8x10 pastel
One afternoon we stopped at Bartlett's Farm to pick up a cake to bring over to my cousin's house. Getting into the car I spotted this little meadow area next to the parking lot of all places. It was filled with flowers. This little section had some yarrow and spent dandelions. It was a wonderful spot!

'Sconset Beach Day

'Rhythm of the Tides' 8x10 pastel
On my birthday last week we borrowed my cousin's van and drove all over Nantucket. One of our stops was 'Sconset. I love the beautiful rose covered cottages perched at the edge of the sea. We didn't go out on the beach but stopped for some photos. I saw these white umbrellas in the distance and knew they would be in a painting! I can imagine myself in a chair under one of those umbrellas enjoying the day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Madaket Lace

'Madaket Lace' 8x10 pastel
Welcome to my new blog devoted to my impressions and paintings of Nantucket Island. My grandfather was born and raised on the island and I recently discovered a cousin who still lives there. I went to the island as a child and now have rediscovered the beauty and magic of this faraway island. Visit this site for new paintings. I am working on a series of wildflower paintings featuring the wildflowers of Nantucket. I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009